Residential Services

The first step to designing your front or backyard landscape is to envision what you want to use the landscape for. Do you want a more private or open space? Do you want to make a place for your kids or pets to enjoy? Do you want a yard that requires little maintenance or do you enjoy maintaining your yard more often? Fencing, Pathways, patios, garden beds, and even grass options affect the function of your landscape. A beautiful landscape can increase the value of your home in many ways. Browse through our many residential services to see what Nexstep can do to help with designing and implementing your dream landscape.

Here are some of the many Residential Services Nexstep provides:

Decks and Fences

A fence can make your yard feel more private and secure while adding to its aesthetic value. Nexstep’s experienced team can provide you with well built, good quality, and long lasting fences. We install wood, chain-link, vinyl, aluminum, and wrought iron fences.

Paving Stones

Paving Stones can be a beautiful addition your landscape. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. They can be used for edging, pathways, driveways, hardscapes and patios. Their unique shapes allow you to create unique and dynamic shapes in your yard. Want a winding pathway or an elegantly patterned driveway? Experienced Nexstep designers and installers can help you use paving stones to make your landscape breathtaking.

Rock and Mulch removal and installation

Rock and Mulch can help make a yard easier to maintain while still looking incredible. Rock and Mulch drastically reduce weed growth and can be used for large areas reducing grass size making it less work for you to upkeep.The many different colours and types of Rock and Mulch allow you to customize your garden the way you want it.

Water System Installations

Adding a pond or fountain to your yard is no problem with Nexstep. We’ve done many water system installations and the results are amazing. Running water can really make a space feel relaxing and pleasing to look at. Nexstep can also install sprinkler systems to ensure your lawn and gardens are watered evenly. Sprinkler systems can be set with timers so they automatically water your grass and gardens at certain times of the day.

Flower Beds, Trees, and Shrubs

Flower Beds, Trees, and Shrubs can play an important part in your landscape. Certain trees and shrubs can help keep noise out of your yard but still look aesthetically pleasing. Garden beds can be used to accent features of your landscape such as gazebos, pathways, and fencelines. Warm colours in your garden beds like yellow, orange and red can make a yard look and feel inviting and welcoming. Cool colours in your garden beds like blue and purple can make your yard feel more relaxing. Nexstep can help you decide what would best fit your landscape and which plants suit your vision for your yard.

Final and Re-Grade

Grading ensures that water flows away from your house to prevent flooding and water damage to your home. Final Grade needs to be done before grass seed or sod is laid. If you have found that there are spots where water is pooling, a re-grade can fix that. Nexstep can help you protect your home with experienced teams who can efficiently and effectively grade your landscape.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can add beautiful depth and dimensions to your landscape. They help with controlling soil erosion, maintaining slopes, and yard stabilization. You can have walls made out of concrete, wood, stone, stack stone, brick and modular blocks. You can have curved, straight, tiered or leveled walls and the materials come in many colours, shapes and sizes. Nexstep can help you best use Retaining walls to your advantage. With our knowledge and experience and your vision we can help you make a beautiful and effective landscape.

Sod Removal and Installation

Want to change out your mulch for sod or remove sod to make way for something different? Sod gives you full grass right away but it can be very labour intensive. We can help with that! Nexstep has the tools, skills, and experience to make the changes you want to your yard quickly and efficiently.